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SINGLE GUYS  -  How to become a member of Townhouse


IMPORTANT - November 2017 

We are changing our policy on how we issue memberships to single guys at Townhouse. As always, all guys are welcome to attend non member events by booking directly with us or following the instruction on the individual event details. Non member events are indicated by *** on our What's On page. 

However, our member events on Wednesdays are now managed differently and memberships will not be handed out to new guys on this night as was our previous policy, but you can still attend as a guest. 

Here is how it will work on a Wednesday night ....

  • We will hold 8 places for non member guys each Wednesday
  • You need to book on the day after 10am 07788634850
  • Once the places are gone, they are gone
  • BRAND NEW guys will need to arrive at 7.30pm 
  • All other non member guys will need to arrive by 9.30pm 
  • You bring ID with you - accepted ID here
  • Follow our dress code - details here 
  • You pay our non member price of £30 
  • Memberships will only ever be given once we get to know you 


How we issue memberships to guys 

  • Memberships are given at our discretion
  • We will need to get to know you at non member events first
  • We don't issue memberships based on looks or size of appendage! 
  • We want guys who respect our club, our members and rules 
  • Memberships are free - so we are careful about who gets one
  • You pay less for entry once you're a member
  • Once a member, you can book in for our Saturday Party nights!! 

Things to note 

  • If you lose your membership card, your membership is cancelled
  • There will be member and non member prices for most events 
  • Follow event links for specific pricing details
  • Memberships can be revoked at anytime for breaking rules
  • We NEVER allow groups of 2 or more guys in on any night
  • No ID - No entry
  • There are perks to membership so it pays to get that card!! 



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