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Single guys - How to become a member of Townhouse

IMPORTANT - 4th June 2017 

We have reviewed our single guy membership and we are over subscribed with guys over the age of 40, so memberships for guys in this category are frozen for now and will be reviewed again later in the year. 

Guys aged 40 and under may book for our induction to be considered for membership and here is the procedure :

Unlike most other clubs, we do not charge a yearly membership fee for single guys; we think it's unfair and unnecessary. Money is not our driver, but the comfort of our members absolutely is! So we like to meet our guys before we give them a membership to ensure that they understand the swinging scene and will respect our club and it's members.

So what do you need to do?
You need to attend an information/induction evening on a Wednesday night
You need to call the club mobile on your chosen Wednesday before midday to book in
You need to arrive promptly at 7.30pm with the correct ID
You need to stay until at least 11pm to be considered for membership.

What happens during the Induction?
The initial induction lasts an hour
You can have a drink on us
We will tell you how we work things at Townhouse and about your membership
We will tell you how to get the most from the club
We will tell you what we expect from our guys, rules and etiquette
We will show you around the club and answer any questions
If you want to leave after the hour, you can do... no questions asked.
If you want to be considered for membership, you need to stay until 11pm
If you stay it's costs £20 plus £10 deposit for your locker key
If all goes well during the night, we will give you your free membership when you leave
Membership is not given if you break the rules/you don't understand the scene

What you should bring
ID - Driving licence preferably or a Passport AND utility bill.
Entry fee and deposit
Your own towel if you prefer or use ours
Shorts or boxers if you don't want to wear a towel later on

During the first night...
You can mingle, have a drink, chat, enjoy the hot tub/sauna
You may be invited to can say no of course!
You may not be invited to play but you can watch
You can find your feet and establish if the club scene is for you

Homework before you attend
Please read our Rules and Etiquette
Please also pay attention to the Dress Code as we turn people away who arrive in sportswear, scruffy workwear, hoodies and trainers

To be aware of....
We take our rules very seriously; don't break them or we will revoke your membership
We NEVER let groups of guys in...2 or more is a group. Please don't ask
We look after our guys; treat our members and club with respect and you will do well




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