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The club will hopefully re-open on 21st June depending on the success of the government roadmap. 

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SINGLE GUYS  -  How to become a member of Townhouse



We don't just issue memberships to single guys at Townhouse. We are inundated with guys who want to join us therefore, we like to choose who gets a membership. It's not about looks or size of appendage, it's about attitude and respect. All guys are welcome to attend non member events by booking directly with us or following the instruction on the individual event details. Non member events are indicated by *** on our What's On page. 

If you are attending as a non member 

  • Check the event details to ensure single guys are permitted and it's an event that suits you
  • Email us direct to book in ONLY IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU CAN MAKE IT! 
  • If it's your first time, you will need to pay in advance and this is non refundable/non transferable
  • Arrive before 9.30pm on your first night, before 10.30pm on subsequent nights
  • Bring full ID with you to all events. 
  • Follow the dress code - absolutely no trainers or sportswear
  • Read the rules and etiquette before you attend



How we issue memberships to guys 

  • Memberships are given at our discretion
  • We will need to get to know you at non member events first
  • We don't issue memberships based on looks or size of appendage! 
  • We want guys who respect our club, our members and rules 
  • Memberships are just £10 - so we are careful about who gets one
  • You pay less for entry once you're a member
  • Once a member, you can book in for our Saturday Party nights and will get a reduced price entry to some events!! 

Things to note 

  • If you lose your membership card, your membership is cancelled
  • There will be member and non member prices for most events 
  • Follow event links for specific pricing details
  • Memberships can be revoked at anytime for breaking rules
  • We NEVER allow groups of 2 or more guys in on any night
  • No ID - No entry
  • There are perks to membership so it pays to get that card!! 

3 Strikes Rule 

  • We have several guestlist events at Townhouse which need to be monitored closely for ratios and capacity due to legalities and logistics. Please only add yourself to a guestlist event if you are 100% certain you can make it. If you cancel or fail to attend, you have blocked a place that someone else could have taken and you could be affecting ratios, especially at events like Milf Monday. If you cancel or do not attend, then you will be given a 'strike', if you get 3 strikes, you will no longer be able to attend Townhouse events.  If you get a strike, you will be asked to pay for your next visit in advance. Once we are happy that you will no longer waste places, you can revert back to payment on the night. If you get a second strike, you will need to pay in advance once again. PLEASE NOTE - Advance payments are NON REFUNDABLE so you must be certain you can attend before booking and paying. 
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will a strike be withheld (car trouble, dog ate my keys, dead canary, missed bus, forgot about the event are amongst the excuses we do not accept! lol). This applies to EVERYBODY.



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