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July 2018


The groundfloor Ladies toilet is being completed ripped out and refurbed from Sunday 8th July which may mean that it will be out of order for a week. There is another groundfloor toilet in the wet area and a toilet on the 1st and 2nd floor, so it shouldn't cause too much heartache. It will be worth it to get an amazing new bathroom...finally! The other bathrooms will be getting refurbed throughout the year and we will put notices up on here when they are getting done 

New Couples & cheaper Saturday special offer ending soon! 

From 1st August, the special offer for new couples to attend on a Saturday for half price will end, as will the offer to attend for £20 before 9.30pm; instead it will be £25 regardless of the entry time. So if you want to benefit from this offer, you need to attend in July! :-) 

Card payments 

From 1st february 2018, we will only take card payments with a minimum charge of £5.00. If you bill is under £5, you will need to pay in cash. 



We allow guests to bring their own alcohol on Saturday nights at a corkage fee of £2.50 for all the alcohol they bring. If 2 or more singles share the alcohol, then corkage will be charged per person.