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August 2019

Changes to our Bring Your Own Booze policy from 1/8/19

From 1st August, we will no longer allow people to bring in their own alcohol. We have had a licensed bar for 5 years but have still allowed people to bring in their own alcohol. I don't know any other licensed venue that would allow this, but we wanted to keep this option open to members to make the venue more inclusive to those who are feeling the pinch. However, there have been people who have been taking advantage of this good gesture...couples attending free entry/cheap entry events only, using their own alcohol and getting their 6 stamps on their loyalty card to attend a big party night for free and bringing their own booze. This happens on a regular basis and it makes a mockery of our goodwill. We cannot maintain this system any longer and continue to offer what we do and improve the venue at the rate that we are if people are going to play the system in such a way. 

We have had other problems with people demanding to be served their own alcohol when they are clearly drunk and disorderly. We have the right to refuse the service of any alcohol to guests if they appear drunk, but because people have brought their own booze, they think they have a right to it....they don't. It's caused a few issues and upsets the status quo in the club, so we are removing the issue altogether. 

We apologise to those who are affected by this change, but the behaviour of others has forced our hand.  

Our bar is VERY cheap compared to other licensed venues, with double branded spirits being just £2.80.  

Renovation Work @ Townhouse

We just wanted to give you some info about ongoing external work at Townhouse which you will notice throughout August when you join us.
The first thing you will notice as you approach the building is scaffolding right up the side covering all 3 storeys. We are doing some remedial work which will last throughout the month and will mean that you will see the unsightly scaffolding upon entering the main gates. Really sorry about this but the work is urgently needed and cannot be avoided.

Secondly and more positively, our smoking area is getting a complete makeover (finally!). It is getting extended, dug out and made into a fabulous outdoor space for everyone to enjoy, not just our smokers. It will be a large space for sunbathing, socialising and on some events, there will be an outside bar too