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11th January 2021

Due to national lockdown, Townhouse remains closed until further notice. If we move into Tier 1, we may be able to offer very limited private hires for the likes of distanced photoshoots, but only if it is lawful and deemed safe to do so.  It's looking increasingly likely that we will not be open until at least the latter part of this year, which is both worrying and disappointing

Night clubs and adult venues have been excluded from most government funding due to certain caveats...thanks Boris! This means we have had very little financial support but we still have a business which leaks money out of the walls daily.

We have set up a dedicated website as many of our members have been asking for ways to donate and keep paying our overheads; here is the link you will need 

Watch/Listen to Vicky being interviewed in the media.......

22nd Nov 2020 - Vicky recently did an interview with swinging podcasters, The Bed Hoppers. She talks about swinging life, the club and how Covid has affected swinging venues across the country. 

March 2020 - Before the big C word, Vicky was interviewed by Perspectives Podcasting team; they delved into what makes her tick, how she got into the club scene and what you can expect. Watch it here

June 2019 - We had 2 very curious visitors last year! Leanne Campbell Power from Radio City and Jay Hynd from The Guide Liverpool joined Vicky for a coffee and a walk around the club for the inside info and a few surprises! You can watch the entire video here