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TOWNHOUSE COVID POLICY - IMPORTANT please read. We will turn you away if you do not arrive with the correct credentials.

If you have had both vaccines, please have proof of vaccines to show on arrival. This can be via the NHS app, via a certificate which can be requested or your little vaccine cards that were issued when you got the vaccine. The latter is a last resort though for those who don't have smart phones. You may still want to perform a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) on the day of your chosen event, just to be sure, as we know from the research that people who have been vaccinated are still contracting Covid. LFT tests can be obtained free of charge from pharmacies or you can Google a long list of places where you can get some packs. 



If you have had only one vaccine or no vaccines at all, we would like you to perform an LFT shortly before leaving for Townhouse and upload your result here so it can be presented on arrival.

The government guidance is that you should get a PCR test if you get a positive LFT just to confirm it. If you do this and send us the positive PCR result, we will refund you if you have purchased a ticket. 

We will not be enforcing masks, but if guests wish to wear one, that is their choice and it will be respected. Alcohol hand wash will be dotted around the venue for you to use if you wish and staff will be cleaning surfaces and bathrooms throughout the events. 

All of our staff have been double vaccinated and will be performing LFT's on the day of their shift.







OPENING TIMES  - (Refer to the What's On page for events)

Mon         10.30 - 3.30pm.  Last entry is 1pm. MILF Monday only


Tues         7pm - midnight - limited opening


Thurs       8pm - 2am. Last entry is 10.30pm (11pm for couples)


Fri/Sat     8pm - 2am. Last entry is 10.30pm  (9.30pm for new couples)

Friday BDSM nights and end of month Saturday are 8.30pm - 3am)


Sun           Times vary - see individual event details 



Dress Code      Before 11pm


Ladies      Dress to impress. Smart, Sexy, Sassy..Glam it up!

Guys         Dapper is best but otherwise dress to impress our ladies.



Dress Code      After 11pm  (if you want to wander upstairs)


Ladies      Sexy lingerie, wraps, bodysuits, play costume, robe, towel

Guys         Boxers, shorts, towel 

No sports/running trainers, tracksuits, sportswear, hoodies, caps or scruffy workwear


Once you have dressed down, you can wander anywhere you want in the club. We ask people to dress down upstairs after 11pm as we like to create a level 'playing field' in our playrooms and to encourage a sexy atmosphere/ambiance. After 11pm you will see sexy ladies and guys sitting at the bar in their skimpies and dancing in our lounge when our DJ is with us. It's very liberating!







Mobile: 07788634850


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